Please find post Brexit import information here, make sure to check your charges and if they don't match up then please get in contact with us before paying them. Continue to buy with confidence and be assured that we have implemented a plan which aims to ensure the least disruptive and cost-effective solution for our customers, your patience during this time is much appreciated. 

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Handling customs clearance and duties post Brexit

Customs clearance and duties in a post-Brexit world

Following Brexit, please find guidance below regarding custom clearance and duties:  

  • VAT/Taxes – Prior to Brexit, customers were charged 20% VAT by E3D at checkout. After Brexit, E3D no longer charges for VAT at checkout. Instead, its charged by the country where goods are shipped to. E.g., If you live in Germany, 19% VAT will be added to your order at the point of   import. 
  • Duties – If your order value is over your country's free goods threshold, additional duties will also be applied to your invoice. Further information can be found here or through your local authority. 
  • Pre-payment (Direct payment processing) – This is a fee that's applied to allow the release on shipments and payment of customs charges. Each country is different. You can find more information here. 
  • Additional charges – You can find information here about additional charges, if applicable. 

What if my country isn't on the list? 

For more information on customs and import please speak to your local authority. They will have the relevant information for importing to your location. 

Please note: Information on taxes and pre-payments are the same regardless of shipping method (FedEx and Royal Mail).